SUPERCAT: or Where Dreams Were Made

It all began with a five-year-old, a set of crayons, and an idea that really wasn't all that great.

The idea was simple at the time. I liked superheroes, I liked cats. I knew that all superheroes were called super-something. That was the rule, of course, I said confidently with my sample size of one (I had never read a comic). Supercat was a cat who was a superhero. Early on, she stood on four legs, then on two. Of course, no superhero could work without a team, I said confidently, again with a sample size of one- the Wonder Pets. So I created more.

Images of Supercat in no particular order (most don't have dates).

Supercat's very first teammate was fellow feline Spycat, whose aesthetic fell halfway between a James Bond-esque super spy and a ninja- it might be a novel combination, but it was born of a misconception that these two tropes were the same because they both used gadgets (a note: at the time I thought ninjas used gadgets). Joining the duo were DrawDog, a dalmatian with the ability to summon forth inky beasts from his spots, Flexigal, a human in the vein of a dollar store Mr. Fantastic, and Access Code, a friendly AI that lived in the walls of the team's hero organization, S-Inc (the 'S' was for 'super.). I invented a nemesis, VDog (the 'V' was for 'villain'), a bumbling canine mad scientist set on disrupting the utopian peace of futuristic metropolis Skylake City.